Is Kentucky the right place to purchase land?

A beginner's guide to Kentucky farmland featured image

The state of Kentucky is known for many things; including its speedway, bluegrass music, college basketball and more.
Many are drawn to the state for its charm, and many more are drawn in due to its rich agricultural community. 

If you’re searching for a farm for sale in Kentucky, you’re in the right place, as the state has much to offer those
you’d like to invest in acres of land. 

How much does a farm cost in Kentucky?

One acre of land in Kentucky is around $7,200, which is slightly above the average cost of the same amount of land in
the U.S. One reason for this difference is for the excellent quality of the soil, which makes it the ideal
agricultural land. 

The average size of farms within the state is 171 acres, so it’s not uncommon to spend over $700,000 for a property.
The cost of farms for sale varies greatly – if it’s near popular counties such as Jefferson County or Warren County,
you can expect to pay more. 

Where is the best farmland in Kentucky?

One of the best regions to purchase farmland in Kentucky is the bluegrass region. The soil in this region is fertile,
making it perfect for healthy pastures for farm animals to graze on, and great for growing crops. 

Is Kentucky a good place to have a farm?

Kentucky farms are rated some of the best in the country, as they have ample acreage close to popular zip codes,
high-yielding land ripe for agriculture, ranches with some of the best state-of-the-art equipment and more. 

Observing KY listings, there’s an increase in the cost of acres and farms – meaning investors can benefit long term
should they decide to sell their property in the future. 

If you decide to add Kentucky farms to your list of potential investments, consider speaking with a local real estate
agent to explore your options.