Smart home devices for big savings & peace of mind

Home automation can make everyday life simpler, but it can also help you save on homeowners insurance premiums and utility bills. The latest technology to improve energy efficiency and safety at home are the best options for homeowners who want to save on insurance and utilities. Here are a few pieces of smart technology to consider adding to your home:

Smart locks

Smart locks add extra security and convenience to any home through remote monitoring and control features. Should you need to grant someone access, you can either do so via smartphone app or give them the code. Combined with other devices like video doorbells, you can have greater control and peace of mind about your front door.

Learning thermostats

Smart thermostats “learn” your home’s tendencies and rhythms, adjusting your temperature and energy usage accordingly. This simple addition can potentially save you up to 15% on your heating and cooling. Most have user-friendly designs available in a variety of finishes to suit different aesthetic sensibilities. 

Smart lightbulbs

Smart lightbulbs come in many styles and sizes you can automate or wirelessly control from your mobile device. Choose from tunable lights that allow you to adjust the warmth or coolness of your light temperature, or full-spectrum lights that set the mood in just about any color. Smart LEDs are energy-efficient and last longer, saving you money long term

For many homeowners, the ability to automate and streamline everyday processes frees up valuable time and mental space for bigger-picture priorities. Conveniently, these same features can help you save money in a variety of ways.