How To Stay Organized During A Move In California

It’s never easy to keep a home organized, but it’s even more challenging to stay organized when you’re moving. If you’re moving into a new neighborhood here in California, read on for some tips to help you stay organized during your move. 

Purge Before You Move

The first tip is an important one but also tough. Bring only what you want and need. Are there boxes that have been stacked in the closet for years but you have no idea what’s in them? Clean your stuff out as you’re packing It will make for a much less stressful move if you get rid of unwanted and unneeded items before getting to your new place. 

Don’t Unpack Mindlessly

Unpacking in your new place is the time to organize your things because you have a clean slate to work with. Don’t be so eager to unpack that you just put things wherever they fall. Really think about where you’re emptying things. You also should use this time to get rid of any items that you’re not using. Set a spot for everything and be well on your way to an organized California home.  

Keep Up With Your Home

After you’re settled in, don’t forget to clean out things that you’re not using continually. Make staying organized a part of your regular cleaning routine. Don’t wait to accumulate a whole bunch of new clutter before you do this. Make cleaning a priority and a habit.

Avoid Creating New Clutter

It can be tempting to buy things when you’re out and about. Before you buy anything, think of how useful it will actually be in your home. You don’t want new items to be barely used and end up in the discard pile. 

Remember That Staying Organized Is A Never-Ending Process

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by trying to keep organized. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your California home be organized in a short amount of time. Slow and steady indeed wins the race when it comes to organization. Just make sure that decluttering is a constant part of your routine. 

When you look at moving into a new California home as a clean slate for your belongings and your organizational systems, you will surely be able to live with less stress and less unneeded stuff. Don’t start off your life in a new home in chaos. Take the steps that will keep you organized, even if you don’t get your whole house unpacked during the first week you’re living there.