How to Make the Most Profit when Selling Your Home

Photo by PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

You’ve finally decided to sell your home and now you want the REALTOR® to show you the money! While that sounds like it can happen at the snap of a finger, there are a few things to consider. Are you selling for a profit or is your goal to make the biggest profit you can? If it’s the latter, here are a few things you can do:

  • Step onto the Stage

Staging your home can bring in big bucks. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 77% of REALTORS® agree that buyers who can visualize a staged property as their future home makes a difference.

  • Research Your Ideal Client

Who are you selling to? Are your buyers people who have children and want a nice neighborhood? Are they wanting a move-in ready home? Unless they are buying solely for the neighborhood, the condition of the home has a lot to do with their decision.

  • Create a Digital Showing

Let’s face it – social media and digital marketing are one of the best ways to connect with potential buyers. Adding a 3D element where they can “walk through” will not only create additional interest, but widens the number of people that may add your property to their list. An additional plus would be if you could upload the floor plans, any warranty and maintenance records to show how well you took care of the home.

  • Appeal to the Curb

If you think buyers aren’t looking at the exterior of the home, think again. They want to see the home in its best light – that means pressure cleaning or painting the exterior, washing the windows, repairing any cracks in the driveway and investing in landscaping.

  • Invest in Upgrades

Upgrades to the kitchen and bathrooms truly make your home stand out. New appliances, eat-in arrangements and lighting have a lasting effect. Have some water or something to drink in the refrigerator and make sure it’s clean. Buyers do peek. If you can afford new, inexpensive flooring that speaks to the environment, that will be a positive in your favor.

  • Have a Neutral Palette

Painting the walls in a neutral color lightens up the space and allows potential buyers to consider what their furniture would look like in the space

  • Stay Clutter-Free

The more you can get rid of so buyers can see an actual representation of how much space they will have the better. Your staging should demonstrate different ways the spaces can be utilized, giving them a wealth of ideas.

  • Other This & That

Installing ceiling fans, smart home tech and other simple touches can instantly put your home at the top of the list.

These are just a few ways your home can help you get top dollar for your home to move forward with a smile on your face. For more tips on getting your home ready to sell for top dollar, work with your REALTOR® for awesome results.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Home Staging Professional

While there are many parts of staging you can do yourself, there are some important benefits to hiring a professional. A professional home stager can help you prepare your home for the market and can use their expertise to sell your home quicker and for a higher price.

Here are the three biggest reasons to hire a staging professional to help you sell your home:

Networking Power

If you’re working with a real estate agent to sell your home it’s likely they recommended you hire a staging professional to help. They might even have a specific individual or firm to suggest. Just by making that initial connection, you’re already benefiting from the powerful networking abilities that home staging professionals have. Home stagers “know all the right people” in the industry in order to do their jobs well. What does this mean for you? With access to a network of other professionals, stagers can help you get the best price for any materials or services needed to update your home. Painters, contractors or even furniture rental services are all examples of important contacts who can save you money. You also get the peace of mind that your staging professional has existing relationships with these other individuals or companies and knows what to expect in terms of service and costs.

An Objective Viewpoint

A home staging professional will provide you with valuable perspective. Having never lived in it, a stager won’t have the same emotional connection to your home. Even besides emotional attachment, they will see things you might miss as a homeowner simply because you see them every day. A staging professional will have a fresh and purely objective viewpoint on your home which will allow them to do their job to the best of their ability. They will identify potential issues, make suggestions or changes to prepare your home for potential buyers. The more experience they have in staging homes, the better: staging professionals are up-to-date on home trends and will cater to the current market with their knowledge.

Bringing Out the Best in Your Home

Staging professionals will see your home objectively but also strategically. When staging a home, it’s impossible to make everything absolutely perfect for every potential buyer. That’s why it’s important to find the best features of your home to highlight. Stagers can see the potential value in every aspect of your property and will know where best to apply your money and hard work. They might identify if you have under-used space and if you could rearrange your furniture to make your rooms seem bigger. They can replace or add new window treatments in order to emphasize a home’s natural light. A staging professional will identify and highlight what’s best about your home so that potential buyers will recognize and desire those features as well.

There are lots of details that go into staging your home for sale but the key benefit of hiring a professional stager is that they bring a fresh perspective. For example, what you might consider the best feature in your home might not be what buyers are looking for. You might need improvements in places you don’t notice because you see them every day. If you want the best possible price for your home, definitely consider hiring a staging professional to help.