Here’s what to have ready on move-in day

The process of moving to a new home isn’t over once you arrive at your new property. There are still many things to do in your new space to make it both functional and comfortable. To help you do so, here are some of the essential things to have at move-in:

Primary furniture pieces

When setting up a new home, the best place to begin is with the large furniture pieces. This could include a sofa, dresser, dining room table or bed. If you move these items first, you can build your design around them. This also helps you avoid moving the large, heavy furnishings later when there is less room to maneuver.

Dishes & silverware

Even if you don’t cook a meal the first day in your new kitchen, you’ll want tools to eat with. Have a few basics on hand like plates, bowls and silverware. You could set aside a small portion of your table settings for easy access or opt for disposable versions. Make sure to include at least one of each item for every person in your household.

Towels & bedding

It’s a good idea to establish a place to sleep before you get tired. While you don’t have to make the bed to perfection, make sure you have sheets, pillows or anything else to help you sleep comfortably. This makes it more convenient to rest during your moving process–and you’ll know you’ll have a spot waiting for you after a day of hard work.

Towels and other bathroom basics are also a great idea to have at move-in. Whether for the first shower or cleaning up unexpected spills, a few towels will make your first hours in the home easier. Consider setting aside a kitchen towel as well as bathroom towels for convenience and comfort.

Everybody’s moving process is unique, but these tips can help you have a better move-in day no matter what.